2021 – February already!

For much of you, the term is in full swing! Same here!

The pandemic means a delay with shipping, so for those of you who have ordered books apologies for the delay – but we hope that you have received them and they are proving useful.

For those of you who are still undecided about using songs in the classroom, and indeed the online classroom, here is a mini lesson idea you can try.

As most countries around the world are faced with lockdown or restricted movements, many people are unable to be with family, friends and loved ones. So to help them come to terms with all this and to express this feeling, you can bring up this topic with the gentle song ‘Help me lift you up’ (YouTube link https://youtu.be/DOlXMxc2vYQ)

Start with asking your students who they miss the most in lockdown. A range of people should emerge – grandparents, friends etc. Then you could ask what they miss most about that person. They should make some notes for later.

Introduce the song, let them listen – then discuss things they heard in the song, or you could get them to listen out for the dream and get them to discuss what they think the dream might be.

Then with their notes, they can then write their own lyrics/poem/letter for a dream they have for the person they are missing.

There is opportunity for grammar and vocabulary in this lesson, so feel free to use your creativity with this. And if you are stuck for how to do this, check out our advice in the Teacher notes – Teaching Tracks

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