Teaching & Training Tracks

Chris’s time at IATEFL 2022 & the wonderful city of Belfast
Full album here!

Teaching Tracks

A creative and ingenious approach to using songs and song lyrics in English language teaching.

Based purely on songs and their derived themes. The materials are great for language teaching /learning, raising awareness on culture and real life issues.

A set of resources that include a full set of teacher and student coursebooks, a collection of authentic materials and creative classroom materials.

All ideas and resources can be used in both an in-person or online classroom.

Training Tracks

Lockdown and fall in demand for printed books gave rise to a new need – Inspiration and ideas to make online teaching come alive – Chris has been training teachers on how to use songs & themes to teach English.

These bespoke courses are crafted to suit your needs for learning how to use songs in the classroom. Training courses are available either online or in person, Covid permitting. Online course lengths can vary depending on needs. from the typical webinar to a few weeks, with the average session taking 2 hours (with a comfort break). In person training sessions could be 4-5 hours over one or more days.

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