Happy New Year – 2020

This year Chris and I are getting ready to release the Top Ten Teachers and Students Books. We know this has been in the making for quite sometime, but as you can imagine, with just two people doing the work of an entire publishing team, around full time jobs and families – well, it is a labour of love!

But that is not the only surprise we have for you. Chris has also been working on the next set of song-inspired lessons – 2020 with 20 great songs and ideas to give you clear vision of how to use songs in your English language classroom!
(We anticipate that now that we have a working formula, 2020 will be ready very soon!)

Teacher’s and Student’s books – Top Ten. The idea is to use 10 great songs in each unit, and each unit has at least 10 great ideas for you to use in your lessons. Activities that cover a range of language skills, grammar, vocabulary and loads of fun to make learning memorable!

Last year Chris and members of the Creating group on Facebook, compiled a list of 100 instrumentals for teachers. Music to inspire or relax, there’s a lot to choose from. If you think you can add more, head down to the Facebook group and add them there. Later on we’ll post here on the site.