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2021 – February already!

For much of you, the term is in full swing! Same here!
The pandemic means a delay with shipping, so for those of you who have ordered books apologies for the delay – but we hope that you have received them and they are proving useful.

For those of you who are still undecided about using songs in the classroom, and indeed the online classroom, here is a mini lesson idea you can try.

As most countries around the world are faced with lockdown or restricted movements, many people are unable to be with family, friends and loved ones. So to help them come to terms with all this and to express this feeling, you can bring up this topic with the gentle song Help me lift you up’ (YouTube link)

Start with asking your students who they miss the most in lockdown. A range of people should emerge – grandparents, friends etc. Then you could ask what they miss most about that person. They should make some notes for later.

Introduce the song, let them listen – then discuss things they heard in the song, or you could get them to listen out for the dream and get them to discuss what they think the dream might be.

Then with their notes, they can then write their own lyrics/poem/letter for a dream they have for the person they are missing.

There is opportunity for grammar and vocabulary in this lesson, so feel free to use your creativity with this. And if you are stuck for how to do this, check out our advice in the Teacher notes – Teaching Tracks


ELT/EFT series of coursebooks based on songs and song lyrics

Teaching Tracks coursebooks adopt a completely new approach to using songs and song lyrics in English language teaching.

The Teaching Tracks series is an ever-growing collection of authentic materials and creative classroom materials. Based purely on songs and their derived themes, these materials are great for language teaching/learning, as well as raising awareness on culture and real life issues. And, remarkably, they completely avoid the “gap- fill trap” (yes that’s right there are no gap-fills!)

Teaching Tracks believe that songs are a multi-skilled text type that facilitate a wide range of language learning, including:

So far in the series:
Three mini coursebooks or ‘Singles’ (as we like to call them) based on Space Oddity by David Bowie, Money by Pink Floyd and Roar by Katy Perry.

Top Ten, consists of a Teacher’s Book (with full instructions and answers) and a Student’s Book complete with full lessons and appendices. This compilation (or  ‘album’ as we like to call it) features materials using ten top songs.

Both the Teacher’s Book and the Student’s Book are available directly from the Book Shop  via PayPal. If you are ordering from outside of the EU or require more than one copy, send us a message directly so we can work out competitive postal prices.

Next in the series is Twenty-Twenty Vision. These coursebooks explore social (and social justice) issues that we need to become aware of and/or combat in the 2020s. The release date of this has been pushed back due to the pandemic and will be adjusted to an online format.

If you want to preview the books and materials, you can download a free sample here.

We would love your input and feedback on this site and the materials so please get in touch!

© Chris Walklett. Teaching Tracks and Top Ten are both Trademarks.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I saw you speak at the ESOLBarcelona online conference earlier this year.

    I use Google Meet as my ESOL teaching platform. The sound quality is not just bad it is terrible.The advice seems to be to use the Cast option but it simply doesn’t connect.
    Could I ask whether you have encountered this yourself or whether you would have any suggestions.

    Best wishes
    Simon WJ

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