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Teaching Tracks is the first of its kind, using a completely new approach to an old resource – songs and song lyrics.

It focuses on the wealth of possibilities derived from songs and their themes. The result is materials that are suitable for the EFL/ELT classrooms, to teach language, culture, real issues etc. 

Songs are a multi-skilled text type that facilitates a wide range of language learning, including:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • phonetics and pronunciation
  • exploring themes that emerge from the song

And importantly, it avoids the “gap-fill trap” (there are no gap-fills!)

We hope to expand the Teaching Tracks series to include an ever-growing collection of authentic materials, creative classroom activities and culture-rich content with themes based on real-life issues – all using well-known and popular songs.

We have self-published three coursebooks or ‘Singles’ that work with songs by David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Katy Perry. There are now less than 20 copies of each left, so please order your copies before they are all gone. 

The next book to be released (or  ‘album’ – compilation coursebook if you prefer), Top Ten, will feature teaching materials using 10 great songs.

If you want to preview the books and materials, you can download a free sample here.

The ‘Singles’ have been released!
If you would like to purchase one or more of these books, please visit the Book Shop or send us a message directly.

We would love your input and feedback on this site and the materials so please get in touch!

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