Christmas Gift

With just a couple more weeks to go before we break up for the Christmas holidays, why not wind down the term with a Christmas song, discussions on traditions and some easy fun learning. Don’t forget to download your free Christmas lesson!

The theme of this unit is Christmas – the spirit of Christmas, as well as its commercialism. It also focuses on the loss of innocence and the concept of belief. Reading, speaking, listening and vocabulary are some of the skills that are featured in this mini lesson. There is a warmer activity on Christmas, a text with glossary about Santa Claus and the concept of belief. Next, students listen to a song and then carry out a dictation activity listening out for particular words in the song. Then the vocabulary in the song is analysed with a match-up activity and a discussion about what the message in the song is. The final activity is one in which countries are matched up with their Christmas traditions. There are also suggested additional activities to compliment the theme.