2021 – March – TESOL Spain

Image of an article reviewing the book Top Ten

Thanks for joining me at TESOL Spain’s Online Conference. Saturday 13th March 9.45 BST, 10.45 CET.  If you missed the talk, you could still watch this on YouTube. Using Songs to Explore Social/Controversial Issues

In these extraordinary times, in which we are currently living it is more important than ever to adjust the sails of what we teach and how we teach it, allowing for discussion of societal, cultural social and personal issues. This talk focused on how songs provide the ideal medium to explore issues that are more controversial in nature in the ELT classroom. Examples are taken from my current book Teaching Tracks: Top Ten and my forthcoming 20 song book, Twenty Twenty Vision – A Vision for the 2020s. 

Thanks to Kevin Salvage, Teacher Training Centre (CEP) Santander, for the brilliant review that sums up perfectly what Top Ten is all about. Read the review.

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