Free Sampler – Top 10

Download for free the Top 10 Sampler. 

The Sampler is packed with lesson ideas from the three Singles, using songs by David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Katy Perry. It is a cross-section of the activities that could be found in the Teaching Tracks series, and it covers all the key skills and more to include what we’ve coined ‘multi-skill activities’ (so your students are using all their English skills and more!)

Remember to read the Teacher’s Notes which is a teacher’s ‘how-to’ guide in using songs in ELT to its fullest potential, and you can read more on the inspiration behind using songs and song lyrics.

We are sure you will really get passionate about music, songs and their lyrics.

  • Teachers Guide
  • Sampler Activity Breakdown
  • Final Frontier lesson sample

Up Next: Teaching Tracks – Top Ten. Coursebook – ELT materials devised from 10 top songs.

More ideas to come, in time, as Chris and Carol juggle full-time careers and families with the writing and editing, plus now the website, online shop and all that goes with getting great ideas out!