Meet the author

Chris Walklett

Chris has been a teacher of English since the mid-1990s and he’s used songs extensively in his lessons incorporating the song lyrics, videos and themes because music is one of his passions. And that passion he’s brought into his classroom and approach to teaching English.

Although it might seem to fall outside of the ‘traditional’ lesson in terms of structure, there is a purpose. And that is to really empower learners to understand and speak English from a realistic and non-formulaic manner.

Chris has also been a teacher trainer for new EFL/ESL teachers as well as an EFL examiner, and that experience has broadened the way he views English language teaching – looking at it from an all-rounded perspective.

Apart from being an enthusiastic teacher, Chris has been sharing his passion for music with other EFL/ESL teachers. He’s spent the last 10 years or so promoting the use of songs and song lyrics in the ELT classroom, facilitating workshops and giving talks both in the UK and Europe.

Check out these video links to find out more about Chris’s message about songs and song lyrics in the ELT classroom:

Explicit Content – Exploiting Songs and Song Lyrics for the EFL Classroom
IATEFL Conference Liverpool, UK, April 2013

Changing attitudes – Using songs and song lyrics in EFL.
IATEFL Conference Harrogate, UK, April 2014

Twistin’ My Melon.
IATEFL Conference Manchester, UK, April 2015

The Most Important Words you are ever going to hear.
Ted X University of Essex, UK, June 2015

The Most Important Words you are ever going to hear. (follow on lecture)
TED X University of Essex, UK, August 2015

Waxing Lyrically – Creative EFL uses for songs and song lyrics.
ELT Council Malta, October 2016

Creative EFL Uses for songs and song lyrics – The teacher’s video glossary.
December 2016

Bad Language? – Are taboo words in EFL unacceptable or expressive?
IATEFL Conference Glasgow. UK, April 2017
Part 1
Part 2

Express Yourself – Creating Materials/lesson plans from songs & song lyrics.
ELT Council Malta, October 2017

The Message. Constructing meaningful, useable EFL materials from Songs/Song Lyrics.
IATEFL Conference Brighton, April 2018

Strange Fruit. Exploring Social Justice issues through songs in the ELT Classroom.
ELT Council Malta, October 2018