Lesson ideas for the 50th Moon Landing Anniversary – The Final Frontier?

This Saturday marks fifty years since man first landed and walked on the Moon!

It was an incredible vision, mission and accomplishment, one that has paved the way for more moon landings and space exploration. In a sense, we as humans crossed one boundary our ancestors could probably only imagine.

This historical event is a global one and one that inspires interesting discussions in the ELT classroom from the obvious Moon landing, to space exploration and extended to different kinds of boundaries that we might face in life.

This book has seven lesson ideas that incorporate the Moon landing as well as other space related themes, suitable for various student levels (B1 and above).

Feel free to pick up your copy here.

Author: Carol - Teaching Tracks

Hi, Just to be clear, Chris is the author of the Teaching Tracks materials - it is his brainchild. Carol (that's me) however, works on the copyediting, design, and illustrations for the books as well as this website (hence author of the posts here). =)

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