Meet the team – Carol Samlal

Okay, so we are a team of two. There is Chris , as you know who created the Teaching Tracks series, and there is me, Carol. So where do I fit in? Well, let’s see – I help with the copy editing, proofreading, some illustrations, some photography, testing out the lesson materials in my classes, brainstorming ideas, marketing, and this website.

Although, I am relatively new to the teaching profession, I like to focus on the positives that fresh eyes bring. I went from the entertainment & travel industry in the sunny Caribbean to the education industry in the somewhat less sunny UK. From a first degree in Economics to all sorts of re-qualifications in proofreading & copy editing and TESOL Cert.

The decision to be an EFL tutor was a leap of faith, faith that someone else had in me. So I dived in the deep end and have never looked back since. In the same year I graduated, I gave my first talk at the ELT Conference, Malta. Can you guess the topic? ‘Tech It Easy’ – using online proofreading software in the ELT classroom! I have delivered more workshops every year since then, and I am looking forward to doing even more in the future. But most of my time is spent as an ESOL tutor at an FE college, and I have to admit – this is where the real joy comes from!

And, while we are on the topic of admissions… My first passion is not music. Gasp! Rather, it is art, people and poetry. I particularly enjoy helping others to be creative in their approach to life. And if that includes the use of songs and song lyrics, then all the better!

So my point is, if I can use songs in my classroom, so can you!